Hey everyone! I thought I would take this opportunity to remind everyone of the upcoming 1st ever Possum Lodge meeting which is being held online from www.redgreen.com. The key is that you have to buy a membership or have bought one since 2009. The fine folks over at The Red Green Shop will forward you a password to join up with the fun. If you haven't received your password or can't remember what you did with it, don't fret! You can contact them and they will be happy to send you along one.

That said, it should be a lot of fun and guys are already gathering to nominate the Possum Lodge "Member of the Month" as well as to showcase handyman corner ideas and other fun pictures and stories. Check it out!!
Well good news! I found a bit of information about the Red Green with Strings Attached show that Steve and his wife Morag played back in the fall of 2010. I have added my findings on the Tidbits section of the website. I would love to get pictures of Red's special instrument he created on stage, so if you were at this show and have pictures that would be really appreciated!!!!!! I want to thank Vivian R for her tips on this show.

Outside of some formatting, not a lot else happening change wise on the website right now. Still digging into little known facts and trying to find out what I can for you, RGS fans. Another resolution for me this year was to find more RGS collectibles to add to the page, so check back often for updates.
Hi Everyone

Its been awhile since I have posted or made some website updates. Certainly not by choice! It's winter and my day job has been very demanding. That said, I am still planning on more updates and adding more items to the Collectors Guide.
Keep checking back and throwing some comments up. This is as much my website as all of yours as Red Green Show fans!
With the good weather unexpectedly back in Ottawa, I thought I would take some time to do a bit of website updates. I got some fantastic tips from RGS fans Deb Knodel and Robert Maitland in regards to the location of the lodge used on the show and the 1999 RG Calendar. These were huge since they are both things I have not been able to find as of yet. Probably more me not putting the time in to find them, but I guess its about taking things in steps. Always nice to have fellow fans helping out and it is a huge confidence boost for me to know fans are not only finding this website, but are able to enjoy it and share in it. Certainly a good feeling for me.
Anyway I will keep this short as I want to get back to some updates, so feel free to email me or leave a posting if you like the website, have a comment or opinion about the show or characters, or have some great information to add. I hope to make this one of the top destinations for fans to learn about the show and I think we are well on the way to that.
Well I know that it was over a week ago since the show, but I did want to comment about how it went and all of that. First of all, I thought it was awesome! Red (Steve Smith) dazzled and amazed with the same humour that made the show so great. It is a true one man show where he entertained for 2 hours. He primarily did bits from the show, a lot from the first few seasons - from campfire songs, to poems and other stories, but also did some new stories about some of the characters around the lodge. He primarily talked about the characters that are unseen on the show like Buster Hadfield and did not mention any of the physical characters like Harold or Ranger Gord which was a bit odd.
One of the fun things that he did was involve the crowd by having everyone stand up and do the Possum Lodge oath, followed by the Mans Prayer. The introduction video where he talks about buying all of the crap was one of my favourite parts. I'm not going to give it away for anyone who hasn't seen the show yet, but I'll hint that it involves the lobby!
There was no shortage of fans from the newbies to the hard core. I noticed a couple of older fans who showed up dressed like Red. I even saw another guy with the same vest that I had (minus the Lodge patch).
All in all, it was a very good show and certainly worth the money. Bets part of it in my opinion, was that you could tell that Red really loved doing it and it was just as much fun for him to perform for us. 
To end the evening, and to show what a great sport he was, Red himself appeared in the Lobby after the show and would sign anything you brought to him. I had brought along one of his books (How to do Everything) to get signed, but I couldn't believe all of the weird stuff other people had brought. One kid brought his goalie stick and asked to get it signed. Red laughed and mentioned that its been awhile since he signed one of these. The kid asked him to put "Keep your stick on the ice" on the back of the blade! One guy brought his field hat (like Red's) from back in the 80's when he was in the Canadian Army and got Red to sign it. The tall guy with the vest like mine got his vest signed as well. Oddly enough, there was no rolls of duct tape flipped out to get signed. Anyway I got my book and vets signed and we chatted about the vest. Red mentioned that those were getting very rare these days which was encouraging. Then I got a photo with him to cap off a great show. I recommend it as a must see for any RGS fan!

Also, if you would like to see pictures, feel free to pop over here!
With the Red Green Wit and Wisdom tour rolling into Ottawa by the end of the week, I wanted to throw out some pre-thoughts. I am going to be doing a full review after I go to the show so feel free to visit often and check that out.
So the lead up for me has been pretty hard. I purchased my tickets the day that they were released here in town back in February of 2011. Lucky for me I am sitting dead centre, 3 rows back. I have heard a lot of great reviews of the tour from all the American stops in 2010 and the Canadian stops in 2011 to date. The clips featured at the RGS website have been a great source of my expectations of the show and only have built my excitement. I have often wondered what all will go on at the show since I know it will be well over an hour, yet can Steve Smith do a 2+hour standup routine??? Sure he has loads of material from over the years and I expect him to do his classic "racehorse" song famous from a Just for Laughs appearance about 7 years ago. But will that fill up the whole time? I can only imagine what all else he has planned for us.
As for me, I am going to be decked out in my normal lodge gear like the nerd that I am. I am bringing my RGS vest with patch for sure. I may drag along a book or two to get signed (assuming he pops out after the show) and my membership card, sooooo if you are at the show and see me, feel free to say hi and mention the website! I also plan on taking my camera along to grab a few shots which I will be posting on the website (maybe on a new section!).
It also lead me to another thought - Wouldn't it be nice if Red/Steve had a local chapter of Possum Lodge to welcome him to town????? Yes I am thinking about how it would be loads of fun to grab all the other local RGS fans and start a local chapter of Possum Lodge. If it is up to me, I would start it as Chapter 67. Now I know some will think I am just a nutjob, but then it would be nice to catch up with some like minded people and have a drink, maybe watch an episode or pop on a daytrip to check out an RGS location once a month or something. Crazy maybe, but it has been done before with small chapters in both Anchorage Alaska and in Wisconsin. Why let the Americans have all the fun??? Hell if there are a couple more chapters, we could always throw a Possum Olympics like in Season 3. Well for now just a thought, but I would like to hear yours, so feel free to throw on a comment.

I also wanted to take this moment to announce that I want to throw together a bi monthly question bag on the blogs here, so feel free to email me any question about the show you have and I'll toss them up on a Wednesday or something. Could be fun.

For those of you who want to check out the Ottawa show, google Centrepointe Theatre in Ottawa (Nepean) and check out the ticket information on the website. Otherwise check the RGS website for information on this show and any of the other remaining stops on the tour. Like I have said in the past, I have great respect for how the tour is stopping at a lot of the small town Canada locations like Lindsay and Belleville Ontario for example. Really classy!

Hope to see you at the show this Friday!
Today I was bored so I figured I would check out the RGS page on Wikipedia to see if anything was updated and for something to do. Little did I expect to see that some of the research and information I have dug up over the last couple of years has made its way onto the main page recently (Example: Information about Ranger Gord's Tower in season 1). Now I am not overly mad in the sense that someone "stole" the information from my site. That's not what this website here is all about and certainly not why I created it in the first place. I am a touch upset that credit was not given. Sure someone else could have dug up the clues and found this out on their own and popped it on Wikipedia without knowing it was previously "discovered", but I doubt that. I am happy with just having the website's link thrown onto the bottom of the page so that fans like me can come on here as well and learn more about the show or share ideas, which is why I am doing this website. So I guess I am overreacting a touch (I threw the website on the links page today as well), but still, it bothers me that there are fans who would grab information and throw it onto Wikipedia without either verifying that it is correct (If I was one of those shady characters I could have made it up for all anyone knows.) and/or supporting other fan websites. The weird part is that in the last 11 years of running this website both on here and Geocities, I have seen at least 10 solid RGS fan websites, all but 2 have essentially disappeared (probably lack of hits or interest in maintaining them) and one of the two has not been updated since 2004. I don't want to become one of those lost sites,but I also believe that now is a great time to revive interest in the show and get people talking. Its too bad someone could not take the initiative to set up local lodge chapters or set up virtual meetings,much like the RGS live chats that ended last year on www.redgreen.com. Chatting has always been apart of the Red Green website and is something that I think most fans loved to take part in (I was at every one of the live online chats and noticed the numbers were pretty good with 2000+ fans at any given time). So that's where I stand on Wikipedia and promoting RGS websites and information. Its better we do this than have nothing to check out or dig up often wondered facts from.
Well here we are in the dog days of summer. Not much has been happening on the website, except I poke in from time to time to post the odd update that I keep putting off. Procrastination is great isn't it folks.
I did get one email from another fan inquiring about the Possum Lodge vests as he was trying to make his own as close as possible. This helped kick me in the rear end to get on posting some pictures of my own vests as well as do some research on possible vests to make reproductions from. Turns out, I may have stumbled onto the unofficial supplier for the show, a manufacturer called Woodfield. Not able to find out much about where they operate from, what all they make or where to buy, but I have found some vests similar (almost identical) to my Woodfield RGS reproduction vest, as well as the vests used in the later half of the series. Sounds like more research is needed. If anyone has any tips or info, would greatly be appreciated!! Anyway I hope I was able to help the member with his questions on the vest and send him in the right direction. Makes me wonder why no one is trying to make unofficial reproduction vests. Hmmm business idea!
Anyway keep checking the websites and throwing your questions my way and I'll see what I can come up with. Seriously though, I have nothing to do!
Despite this being my first post, I am starting the blog off on a sad note. There is very, very sad news out today about how we lost one of the gang. Longtime Canadian actor Wayne Robson passed away today at the age of 64. He was best known as Mike Hamar from RGS. My personal condolences to the Robson family as well as every RGS fan as Mike was certainly a talented and lovable actor and person and while this is too often said, he will truly be missed.